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Contents: Online, Offline, ROME Analyzer, Data base, MC Simulation
Dumps of final version of lpframework,lpmonitor and the database.

Download softwares via CVS.
Online cvs -e ssh -d checkout tbonl (Release Notes)
ROME Analyzer cvs -e ssh -d checkout lpframework (Release Notes)
MC Simulation(tbeam) cvs -e ssh -d checkout meg (Release Notes)




ROME is a experiment independent framework for data analysis. If you want to learn about ROME, please see ROME homepage. lpframework is a project for the large prototype which works both online and offline.
Data flow is described in the left figure. In the public part, data has a simple order based on physical connection at ADC,TDC and scaler. After the public part, there are several sub-detector parts (at this moment there are Xenon and Utility part). Sub-detector tasks can use proccessed data in the public part. ADCCalib subtracts ADC pedestal and converts raw ADC data to charge[Q], and TDCCalib converts raw TDC data to time[sec].

nphe,npho and ttdc have the same order based on the geometry. They are arranged in the order of address num.

If you have good ideas of analysis/reconstruction, please implement your functions into lpframework.

Data base

MySQL database test server is running on It is accessible from computers inside PSI with following accounts.

readonly account cannot write and delete data, so it is safe.

Database consists of run information (runinfo) and channel information (assignment). These parts are connected with configuration table.

MC simulation

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