How to setup development environment for MSCB related softwares

to your computer


Step1.   Down load MIDAS, MXML source and MEG online software


             They are available through svn

               svn co svn+ssh:// midas

               svn co svn+ssh:// mxml

               svn co svn+ssh:// meg


             Download MIDAS source to directly below "C drive" \c is recommended,

             since absolute path name "\c/midas/mscb" is used in many MEG slow control softwares.


Step2.   Connect MSCB modules to adapters, and check the connection


case1:  TCP/IP <-> MIDAS adapter


>cd midas/mscb

>./msc.exe -d your-mscb-ip



case2:  USB <-> MIDAS adapter


1.connect it to your computer

2.WINDOWS will automatically search for the drivers of UBS adapter.

   Drivers are included in  midas/mscb/drivers/windows/

3.check connections with

    ./msc.exe -d usb0


Step3.    Install Development tools KEIL


In downloading source to MSCB module using USB adapter,

first launch KEIL, and next, connect USB adapter to your computer.


Select Flash->Configure Flash Tools -> Debug ->Settings

Click and select "USB Debug Adapter"


You can download your source to MSCB module with

Flash -> Download



Step4.   Install LabView


You can find MSCB functions for LabView at /midas/mscb/LabView/mscb.lld