How to install rome and lpframework on your computer

Install rome
  1. ROOT and libxml2 are required. If you use for online analysis, MIDAS is required. If you use MySQL database, mysql headers and libraries are required.
  2. gsl (gnu scientific library) is needed. Many operating system distribution have packages (RedHat, Mandrakesoft, Suse, Debian, Cygwin, Fink).
  3. cd your_working_directory
  4. Download ROME.
    cvs -e ssh -d co rome
  5. cd rome
  6. Set your environment variables.
    ROMESYS = your_working_directory/rome
  7. make
Install lpframework
  1. cd your_working_directory
  2. Download lpframework.
    cvs -e ssh -d co lpframework
  3. cd lpframework
  4. To set additional compile option, set your environment variables as you like.
    lpuserflags = "-Wall -g -O2"
  5. make -f Makefile.usr build
  6. ./lpframework.exe
  7. Edit romeConfig.xml as you like. I recommend to set <CompressionLevel> of Tree to 1.(sample configuration file)
  8. Following targets are avairable.

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