EGS simulation for liquid-Xe calorimeter

The EGS code is a general purpose package for Monte Carlo simulation of transport of electrons and photons in material with an arbitrary geometry. Please vist EGS Web page at LBL and/or at KEK for details about this code. You can download the code (also with an installer) at those cites.

To compile and execute the codes listed above (execpt pet201 & pet202) after installing the EGS package on your machice,

    > source ~/$HEN_HOUSE/Cshrc_additions_for_egs4

To compile the code

    > mf minimeg

if you want to compile with optimisation,

    > mf minimeg "" opt1 (2,3 or 4)

To execute

    > ex minimeg mn835 xecal

where 'mn835' indicates the input card (mn835.egs4inp) which you want to use and should be placed at~/egs4/minimeg.

Last Update 8-Dec-98