How to install the simulation package

  1. First of all retrieve THIS file and un-tar-gzip-it.

     tar -xzf megsim.tgz 
  2. cd to the newly created directory megsim
  3. create the symbolic link to the GEANT include directory

    ln -s /cern/pro/geant/include/ ./geant321

  4. edit the Makefile and put the destination directory in the right line:
    CLIBDIR = directory where the CERNLIB are
    	cp $(OBJECTS) /disk/where/to_put/OBJs
    # End of Makefile
  5. Type make to build the OBJECT files
  6. Type make install to copy them to the right directory (possibly accessible by all users)
  7. Type make clean to delete useless files.

Remember to set the Makefile in the other packages ( test.tar and lp.tar ) to point to the directory where you installed the OBJECT files. (See these Makefiles for further information)

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G. Signorelli, Jan 11th, 2001