2. Installing Subversion

Subversion runs on all modern flavors of Unix (like linux and Mac OS X) and Microsoft Windows 2000/XP. Subversion 1.1.x or later is recommended, where the latest is Subversion 1.2.x. Recent linux distributions come with Subversion, although it might not installed by default. For older linux distributions, users need to download and install binary packages.

Shown below are installation instructions for recent and/or popular Linux distributions, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows 2000/XP. Please refer http://subversion.tigris.org/project_packages.html for other operating systems and Linux distributions. But it is also helpful for those I listed below.

2.1 PSI Scientific Linux 3

Binary RPM package for Subversion 1.1.x is already available in PSI Scientific Linux 3 (Desktop Enhanced). Subversion and its related libraries will be installed in a minute by invoking following command as a root.

  $ yum install subversion

Desktop Stable users may need to add followin lines to your /etc/yum.cond before invoking yum.


2.2 Scientific Linux CERN 3

Binary RPM package for Subversion 1.2.x is already available in Scientific Linux CERN 3. Subversion and its related libraries will be installed in a minute by invoking following two commands as a root.

  $ apt-get update
  $ apt-get install subversion

You may need to modify /etc/apt/sources.list.d/dag.list so that following line is uncommented:

rpm http://linuxsoft.cern.ch dag/redhat/el3/en/i386 dag

2.3 Fedora Core 3/4

Binary RPM package of Subversion 1.1.x is available in Fedora Core 3 and Fedora Core 4. Subversion and its related libraries will be installed in a minute by invoking following command as a root.

  $ yum install subversion

Alternatively, Dag repository
http://dag.wieers.com/packages/subversion/ also has RPM packages for these distribution.

2.4 Fedora Core 1/2

Binary RPM package available in Fedora Core 1 and Fedora Core 2 are Subversion 0.32 and 1.0.2, respectively, which are rather old. Up-to-date version of subversion is available from Dag repository
http://dag.wieers.com/packages/subversion/. Download subversion-1.2.1-0.1.1.fc2.rf.i386.rpm (for FC2) or subversion-1.2.1-0.1.1.fc1.rf.i386.rpm (for FC1) and install as following

  $ rpm -Uvh subversion-devel-1.2.1-0.1.1.fc2.rf.i386.rpm


  $ rpm -Uvh subversion-devel-1.2.1-0.1.1.fc1.rf.i386.rpm

for FC2 and FC1, respectively. Following two packages, neon and apr, might be needed too, which come with your distribution.

2.5 RedHat 7.x/8.0/9.0, RedHat Enterprise Linux 3/4

These distribution do not provide binary RPM package. Binary RPM packages to be installed will be found in the following URLs. Please select appropriate one which suite to your distribution.

RedHat 7.x users: http://summersoft.fay.ar.us/pub/subversion/latest/redhat-7.x/bin/

Note for RedHat 7.x users: you may need to install db4 as well, although it is not documented in the redhat-7.x directory shown above. The RPM package for db4 can be found in the same URL.

RedHat 8.0 users: http://summersoft.fay.ar.us/pub/subversion/latest/redhat-8.0/bin/

RedHat 9.0 users: http://summersoft.fay.ar.us/pub/subversion/latest/redhat-9.0/bin/

Note for RedHat 9.0 users: you may find a binary RPM package provided by Fedora Legacy Project, which is Subversion 0.27. I recommend you download and install use up-to-date version from above URL.

RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 users: http://summersoft.fay.ar.us/pub/subversion/latest/rhel-3/bin/

RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 users: http://summersoft.fay.ar.us/pub/subversion/latest/rhel-4/bin/

2.6 Mac OS X

There are two methods to install Subversion in Mac OS X. One is provided by the Fink project and the other does not require Fink.

2.7 Microsoft Windows 2000/XP

There are three methods to install Subversion under Windows 2000/XP. One is a win32 GUI program, another is a win32 command-line binary, and the other is provided by cygwin project.

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