Design and Construction
of the Photon Detector

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Warm Vessel is ready!
Warm Vessel Completed
Summer /2006
  • Notes
    • Meeting minutes
    • Plan for the design work(in Japanese)
    • Cryostat Design Summary [WORD] [pdf]
    • Height of the photon detector[WORD]
    • Size of the inner face window[WORD]
    • Design of the PMT holder[WORD] (Updated on 7/Mar/05)
      • Previous version of this document[WORD], rev 1 [WORD]
    • PMT fixing parts [WORD](Updated on 17/Nov/05)
      • Previous version of this document[WORD]
    • Inspection result of PMT supporting structures [WORD]
      • This document contains also information about PMT fixing parts.
  • Vessel Construction
Vessel Construction

Vacuum test

Helium leak test
  • Detector Components
    • Cryosystem Design
      • Flow Sheet of the system [dwg]
      • Pipe dimension for xenon and nitrogen transfer [Excel]
    • Vacuum Equipment
      • Vacuum pump system
        • ALCATEL ATP400 for evacuating the inner vessel. 400 liter ceramic bearing turbo pump.
        • PFEIFFER TMU 261 for evacuating the outer vessel. 210 liter turbo pump.
      • Valves
      • Sensors/Gauge/Controller
        • List of sensors planed to be used [Excel]
        • Vacuum/pressure gauge
        • Surface Level meter
          • BINP liquid level meter for cold liquid [ppt][photo]
        • Xenon flow meter/controller
    • Xenon Strage Tanks
      • Tank specification and examination report, tank1-2[pdf], tank3-8[pdf], tank9[pdf], and tank10[pdf]
      • Strorage at PiE5 area [photo]
storage tanks
    • Pulse Tube Refrigerator
PMT structure assemble test
    • PMT
      • Hamamatsu R6041Q/R9288(in Japanese)
      • PMT test at PSI [photo]
      • Supporting structure [photo]

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